Welcome to Vitro!

We’re North America’s largest manufacturer of architectural and automotive glass. We make the glass that’s used to make our city skylines shimmer with color, while keeping buildings and homes energy efficient and protected from the elements. We also make glass that’s used to help make cars, trucks and SUVs quieter and more energy efficient while protecting the passengers inside.

This isn’t just a job, it’s a career.

The Benefits of Joining Our Team The Benefits of Joining Our Team

We offer our employees great starting pay, and excellent health and retirement savings benefits after your first 30 days. We’re looking for people who are willing to work hard, maybe get a little dirty, and make a difference. We also provide opportunities because your dedication won’t go unnoticed. There is a path here for those who do well and work hard.

You’re operating multi-million dollar, highly advanced manufacturing equipment. Handling large units of heavy glass. Inspecting glass quality. Driving fork trucks and other plant transportation equipment.

When you work here, you become a part of the Vitro family of more than 14,000 employees worldwide. Our people are what make us the best in the business, and we hope that you can join us.

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